We digged it out and finally decided to re-release Tony Rohr’s techno classic track “Slowburn” [weave-5] that was originally released in 2004 (vinyl Only).

All artists in charge of this challenge have already gained their individual reputation & respect concerning their productions & creativity. We were quite lucky by signing Jerome Sydenham, Peter Horrevorts,  Dustin Zahn, Xpansul, Miro Pajic and Someone Else for new mixes and all of ‘em did an excellent job!

The digital-only edition features 3 freshly squeezed high quality mixes that do not fail the slightest to proof the professional skills of the producers by delivering extraordinary and outstanding remixes. Beside this, the digital-only release also contains Tony Rohr’s original track that has never been released digitally before.

All in all, now that the work is done the weavelab-crew is feeling quite comfortable by being able to present 6 (!) brand new & ultra-strong mixes alongside “slowburn’s” original. Fortunately the artists involved in this project have already done enough high quality work with tons of strong releases on the crème de la crème of techno labels during the past, so we do not have to spend even more words for introducing these creative individuals.

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After having hit the dancefloors with Hydra (weave-26) we are proud to unleash another techno monster by Spektre. These 2 guys have travelled the globe in the past years performing their LIVE show, to rapturous acclaim. The versatile experiences they made & still make during their international appearances are constantly improving their own productions. Spektres big explosive sound has gained massive respect & support and even the biggest of the big like Sven Väth, DJ Hell, Dubfire, Laurent Garnier & many more are not sparing with praise. The Title Track of weave-34 Synapse is stacking up an intimidating amount of industry knowledge and skill between them, the latest Spektre-monster is storming from strength to strength, taking no prisoners – it can definitely be called a Weapon! And as if this wouldnt be tough enough already, weave-34 delivers even more state of the art techno by offering 2 killer remix versions coming straight out of the noisemaking machines from Italys young-gun Flavio Diaz and Pig & Dan

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Tony Rohr – Slowburn


Tony Rohr – Slowburn (Mixes)

We digged it out and will re-release Tony Rohrs techno classic track “Slowburn” (weave-5) shortly with remixes by Jerome Sydenham, Peter Horrevorts, Miro Pajic, Xpansul and Dustin Zahn. The original track will be available too as it has never been released digitally.

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