International Freakshow

Two new faces on Freakshow belong to a crazy Spanish combo called KASBAH ZOO! Established some years ago through the union of Alex and Nicolas who are based in Barcelona. After 10 years of individually experience in music production and nightlife, they decided to create a new project where their maturity can do a refined music product.

As a result they already had some underground hits during the last years. So far the two guys were releasing tracks on ZOO:TECHNIQUE  and RAWTHENTIC MUSIC.

Their next step took them straight into the Intl. Freakshow’s artist pool. With their original version of the title track “Palabras” Kasbah Zoo is unleashing a damn good piece of pumping techhouse. Alongside the original we bring you 2 more remixes coming from Christian Burkhardt and Romano Alfieri. Both are as hot as hell, too. All in all one must say that this record is keeping it’s dynamic groove from the start to the very end & it will help perfectly to get fully loaded from head to toe!

DJ’s comment :

Anthony Collins – burkhart remix is cool / Brothers Vibe – Good original and remixes / Carlo Lio - bombbbbb release! / DJ Sneak – original is best.

Dubfire – cool one / Hugo – romano alfieri’s main mix is cool / Italoboyz – Mt Burkhardt’s remix is the shiiiaaaat! supergroovy

Joris Voorn – Love the Burkhardt mix! / Kaiserdisco – Great label! the remixes are really good! will play them for sure! thanks a lot!

Karotte – i play the romano rmx since weeks. love it! / Matt Star – christian burkhardt remix ist super, thx / Nick Curly – great release. full support

Back again we have the Mediterranean flavor of the friends AFFKT and Alberto Sola. Always experimenting with different ingredients like the cooker Ferran Adria, the guys who laid the first stone of the legendary label Barraca, now present a hybrid of pop and house which will leave no one indifferent. ‘Pobla Loves You’ was born with the tuba of Alberto Cuartero, orchestra director of Hoya Gonzalo in Albacete. Marc and Alberto (AFFKT and Sola) wanted to have a typical instrument of a band and merged it with the electronic dance scene, always being faithful to his maxim of making music to dance as well as to listen. If we surround Valencia, road to Pobla de Farnals, we passed through La Canada. There are Los Updates, who upon hearing the organic rhythm of Pobla and the work with the wind instruments, set to work with the voices. Perfectly adapted to the capital of the Turia river, Jorge and Loreto propose a Valencian poem that their children have learned at school. The moon of Valencia then join our dinner for four. Finally, we add to our paella a bit of percussion and keyboards Made in AFFKT, to get a main course and obtain a typical Valencian plate but by adding a little Chilean salt becomes international. More oriented to the dance floor, there are three rather different remixes. New union between Spain and Chile, with Danny Fiddo and Felipe Venegas. This couple present an elegant and deep remix with drums and vocals perfectly adapted to the current sound. Moreover, the French man Darlyn Vlys re-interpreted >Pobla loves you< with a lot of groove and percussion added. Finally, AFFKT gives his funker version of events to complete a job that will come out by the German label International Freakshow.

The 27 years old Italian is a man that has been making major waves in the house scene since his breakthrough at the beginning of 2009.

Bursting onto the scene with a bang, LEON has carved out quite a reputation in such a short period of time., and this looks set to grow and grow. n 2009 Leon is one of the producers that is helping re-invent the house sound, and as such his tracks are getting support from all the major players right now. Steve Lawler, Luciano, Carol Cox, MANDY, Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Tiefschwarz Matthias Tanzmann and many more are all fans of Leon’s work, so its not hard to see why people are already talking about him as a future star. (

Leons remix for Tim Greens „Iotan“ (IF-18) was already a  bomb and now  he delivered us to heavy house tracks which are just insane. „Stars“ and „Corner of Love „ will def be played over the whole summer. On top of that we are pleased to release a Yousef remix of „Stars“ as well

Episode No.18 of our marvelous and beloved International  Freakshow imprint has it ’s origin in one of the world’s most important cities when it comes to innovative Techno / House music since the very beginning of the global electronic music scene. It has been sophistically crafted by London based Tim Green who is one of those producers that do not turn in a lot of filler tracks. For the most part when “TG” or Tim Green puts something out there, it has a strong sense of character and literally rocks a dancefloor to its core. There are just few artists on the planet that are able to traverse genres and release music for such a wide range of labels, yet still have their own unique sound. Many world’s leading labels have recognized this and so far we can find tracks and remixes that have been coming out of Tim Green’s machines on the likes of, Cocoon, Dirtybird, Renaissance, Sci-Tec, and many more. Tim’s latest strike started to hit the floors in December 09 when his second single with Sven Vaeth’s famous Cocoon imprint entitled ‘Lone Time’ came out. And even 4 months later, people go nuts when this housetune is being dropped by artists behind the booth! And while listening to Tim Green’s tunes on if-18, one could say that 2010 looks set to be another huge year of growth for him. The title track “Iotan” on the A side is not leaving a single question unanswered. The track is deep, funky, melodic and warm the whole way through, constantly guided by a splendid specimen of a bass line! On B1 Tim delivers the evidence, that he truly is a multi-talented musician with “Crispy Chairs” he is making you rock on the floor!! Tim shows his more minimalistic techno side, by hitting us hard with this hypnotic groove monster. DIGITAL ONLY ! LEON’s remix version of “Iotan” morphs the title track into another hot ‘n stylish shape. LEON focuses more on the classical house music ingredients and his remix is an absolute stunning enrichment for the record. LEON’s remix fully fits & together with Tim’s tunes he is contributing to make this release a complete and proper package that fits for techno heads as well as for all the house freaks among you!

Finally Matt is going to unleash his much anticipated follow-up release on Weave Music’s sister label. Produced in the mood of this years arctic winter with tons of snow all over the country, it seems like Matt had transformed that special vibe of cold dark days ‘n nights into the noise making machines of his studio.

“Ravedub” – the title track on the A-side sounds like Matt has been recording it inside of an ice cave. Without a doubt, the tune is transporting that arctic atmosphere and some of you might feel being reminded of the legendary Basic-Channel-Style Era by this seriously hypnotizing groove monster. Coming to the flipside, “Hypno’s back” & “Knarz”.

“Hypno’s back” (b1) can be called a worthy post modern homage to Detroit Style Techno in some way. Matt took some of the main detroitish ingredients and combined these with his individual kind of the new generation techno style productions. The tricky experiment has been a successful enterprise. Give it a try!

“Knarz” (b2) simply is a dancefloor weapon for sure! It is obvious – the Knarz style sound has proven so many times, not to be just a flash in the bottle. It’s a really timeless kind of electronic music sound and Matt Star’s 2010 interpretation on international freakshow #17 applies for getting affiliated to the Hall of Fame of Knarz Techno releases. The tune transports a simple message – ladies and gentlemen, ass up! it’s time to move your body!

Taking a look back on the life of NIMA GORJI, one must quote that this man truly is an international freak in music! So who else should be more predestined for releasing on International Freakshow than him?!

The two tracks NIMA GORJI presents to us on this record define themselves as a crispy, warm and  trippy kind of “No-Shit-TechHouse” with a twist! “Sometimes”, the title-track is building up it’s hypnotizing power carefully, bringing the dancers tension to the maximum level! “After Summer” on the flipside shows a proper, strongly & well structured techhouse-beat combined with subtle, deep and warm synth sounds and it’s bassline is playing games with the spooky vocal samples and effects NIMA GORJI uses as perfect as it gets throughout the whole tune.

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